Financial Tips to Prepare for Retirement


When you’re coming up to retirement age, there can be a lot to think about and arrange. However, one important thing to take a look at is your finances, as this is a vital task when preparing for this stage of your life.

Consider Your State Pension

A State Pension is a consistent payment that you receive from the State, once you’ve passed the official age for retirement. You will need to have worked for a number of years to qualify for this, with 10+ years allowing you a proportion of this income, while 35 years are required to receive the full State Pension in the UK. It’s important to find out how much income you are estimated to receive from this, so you’re better able to plan your finances.

Workplace Pensions

Throughout your years of working you and your employer may have been paying into a specific business pension. It can be easy to forget the percentage of your income that you’ve been paying into this, so finding out can give you an understanding of how much money has been saved. If you have worked for a variety of different companies, then it might be that you have not transferred all of your pension money into one scheme. Make sure to track down any of these funds that would be beneficial to you.

Review Your Personal Finances

Before retiring, it’s worth revaluating your expenditure to make sure that you don’t overspend. First of all, consider if you have any debts that need to be paid off. Then look at your monthly and yearly bills, such as insurance costs, electricity, water and council tax bills. By keeping a track of the different bills associated with living, you’ll have a realistic understanding of your financial income once you retire. It may also be that some of your expenditure was actually related to going to work, such as travel costs for petrol and train tickets or your daily takeaway coffee, so this is money that you would no longer have to spend. Think also about how many holidays you’d like to take a year, and how much these would cost. Then you can realistically work out what travel trips you can afford.

Don’t Be Afraid To Seek Advice

Organising finances for retirement years can be a confusing task, but there are organisations out there who can help you. Government websites will offer advice on State Pensions, your current employer will have information on the pension schemes they use, and specialist companies can offer suggestions on when it would be best for you to start withdrawing your pension.


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