Police Report


Lincolnshire and Leicestershire Police Combine for Traffic Operation.

On Friday 25th May officers from the two forces, combined with partners from other agencies, in a traffic operation on the busy A607 between Grantham and Melton Mowbray.

Using unmarked Police vehicles officers looked for those committing traffic offences, particularly, but not exclusively, any of the “fatal four” offences; drink drug driving, using mobile phones whilst at the wheel, speeding and the non-wearing of seat belts. Insurance and MOT validity and /or disqualification were also checked.

Results included the prohibition of seven vehicles for offences including bald tyres, defective brakes, and no valid MOTs. In addition, five TORs were issued for offences such as not wearing seat belts.

Reinforcing this activity Leicestershire Police and Police Volunteers are carrying out visits to licensed premises in the Vale to alert licence holders to a summer campaign against traffic violations, with particular emphasis on drink/drug driving and issuing advice and posters for their use.

Both PC Simon Wright of Lincolnshire Police and PCSO Matthew Robinson of the Leicestershire force expressed satisfaction of an effective operation on the A607, with combined activities to be planned in the future. Combining future operations does help to make the most effective use of valuable resources.

Police remind those of us parking vehicles in country beauty spots not to leave valuables in the car. If it is absolutely necessary to do so, do not leave them visible.


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